Business Culture in Morzine

We (my boyfriend Jake and I) moved to Morzine for the winter ski season on 2nd December 2017, and since then we’ve been falling in love with the place more and more by the day. I’m from Bristol, a city that prides itself in encouraging independent businesses to thrive and prosper, so it’s amazing that Morzine seems to have the same attitude to local ventures.

Morzine is just over an hour’s drive from Geneva Airport making it the perfect destination for a ski break. It’s located in the middle of one of the largest interconnecting ski areas in the world; the Portes du Soleil. This ease of access makes it a fantastic location for independent businesses and brands alike, as there are thousands of tourists making their way here every year. In Morzine you’ll still see the low level traditional chalet-style buildings which help to preserve the town’s character and charm. It also has the greatest selection of holiday rental chalets in the area, most of which are independently run.

Over the last decade, Morzine has invested in new lifts and various new sports facilities and parks to attract a younger crowd. There are multiple new bars, clubs, cafes, luxury catered-chalets and premium restaurants that have also begun to emerge, giving Morzine its own place among the other big-name resorts in the Alps.

But what does this mean for businesses in the area? Well, it not only means there are thousands of fresh holidaymakers visiting the area each week, but it also means the competition is painfully tough. If you type in to Google “catered chalet morzine”, the list of companies that appears seems endless (to be exact; 52,300 results in 0.73 seconds). People searching for skiing holidays often have three main areas that affect their decision to choose a catered chalet or other service. They would initially either go with a company they’ve stayed with/used already, or they’d go by word-of-mouth and take the advice from a friend or family member who’d had a good experience in the past, or, for first timers – they would look on the internet and base their decision on their first impressions of the company’s website and brand.

If the potential customer is looking on Google to make their choice, there are some areas that help ensure they see a company as reputable:

  • A good website with all information included – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can affect where your business appears on Google
  • Positive reviews from previous guests or customers – Alternatively, getting a national journalist, online influencer or premium blogger to come experience for themselves is a fantastic way to boost your business, as this then gets the message out to thousands of potential new customers.
  • Social media platforms active and responsive – These need to be sharing new content constantly, as this opens the door to thousands of potential new customers every day.
  • High quality photography of the product/service/location – There are hundreds of fantastic photographers in the area who can show off your products or services. Having a constant stream of new content and images is one of the best ways to stay top of the game.
  • Branded products and graphics in keeping with the nature of the business – This includes business cards with fresh logos, stickers, leaflets/posters, a professional email signature featuring your logo, branded Facebook Headers, Twitter Banners, Instagram posts etc.
  • A company blog with updates on changes and what’s going in the area – Having a well written blog is essential as it gives people another excuse to visit your website, which is important in ensuring your website ranks well on Google. The more people that visit the site, the more credibility that Google will give you meaning more people can find you more easily. A blog can also be a fun thing to source content for, and inspire you to think of new ideas to promote yourself.

All of these points are important to address, as they make a company seem more credible and give the potential customer confidence that they can trust the brand. When the competition is as stiff as it is in Morzine, and many of the other areas in the French Alps, it’s vital to get these things right and allow your business to flourish.

cucumber rose can help in all of these areas by producing content, or alternatively you can arrange a consultation where we show how you can address these areas for your brand. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss further!


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