Useful Apps for Freelancers

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right apps to benefit you and your freelance business. Whether you’re looking for an app for budgeting and finance, editing your photos or getting more organised, there are so many available on the app store it can seem like a total chore to find the best ones. Of course, the main goal is to find things that can make your work life easier, to save you some valuable time so you can have more freedom to do the tasks you love.

This blog post outlines some of the most useful apps for freelancers, so you don’t have to trawl through every category in the app store to find the perfect ones. If you have any other suggestions of apps that have worked for you and your freelance business, please leave a comment below!

Finance and budgeting: Monzo

“At Monzo, we’re building a new kind of bank. One that lives on your smartphone and built for the way you live today. By solving your problems, treating you fairly and being totally transparent, we believe we can make banking better.”

Monzo has multiple features that make it stand out against other banks, and other budgeting apps. When you sign up, you’re sent a bank card that links up with the app so it can log what categories your money is being spent on, e.g. your morning coffee, your splurge on Asos, your car insurance etc.

Monzo then lets you set targets for your monthly spending and sends notifications when you’re spending too quickly. It also sends a notification the moment you use your card, before the receipt has even finished printing, and creates useful charts explaining where you’re money is going each month. They started in February 2015, and since then have  more than 500,000 customers using their debit cards to manage their money and spend around the world. If you’re struggling to stick to a budget, this is definitely the banking app for you!

Expenses tracker: QuickBooks

Keeping track of your expenses can be a hassle, but QuickBooks makes it incredibly easy, and is a must for self-employed workers, freelancers and sole-traders.

This app makes it easy to log your business expenses, making it easy to be prepared for your next tax return. It helps you to track expenses, receipts and invoices, and you can even take quick photos of the documents to scan into the app. It also automatically tracks your mileage so you can deduct this as a business expense! It can also estimate your annual tax bill, so you aren’t left with any unfriendly surprises when it’s time to settle at the end of the tax year.


Communication in your team: Slack

Slack aims to make work simpler, more pleasant and more productive by providing an easy dashboard for all conversations within your team. It has 9 million active weekly users and 50,000 paying companies use Slack. Slack brings all your team’s communication together, giving everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible. 

“At Slack, we’re building the platform that connects teams with the apps, services, and resources they need to get work done. Launched in 2014, Slack is the fastest growing business application in history. Millions of people around the world use Slack to bring their teams together, make sense of their work, and drive their business forward.”

To do list: Trello

“Trello is the easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything, trusted by millions of people from all over the world.”

It works in a similar way to Pinterest, in that you can add visual labels and stickers and create boards with different lists of tasks. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable users to organise and prioritise in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. Aside from work use, it can also be helpful when organising post schedules for bloggers, or simply a personal to-do list.

Organising tasks: Asana

“Whether you’re between meetings or in line for a latte, use Asana to quickly capture tasks, to-dos, reminders, and ideas. Get updates from coworkers, organize tasks and projects for work, or manage your to-do list for the day. With Asana’s mobile app, you can stay on top of your work from anywhere. Oh, and did we mention it’s free to download and use?”

Asana is excellent for keeping track of your outstanding tasks, and allows you to message other team members with updates on how you’re getting on. All changes made on the mobile app will automatically sync with the web version, making it easy to work on the go and stay organised. You can also assign tasks, projects, teams and files to up to 15 people for free!

If you have any more apps that have helped you as a freelancer, please leave a comment below!

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